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Radio interview on NPR's Living on Earth about future of transportation and an open platform.

Time Magazine Roundtable on the same topic.

GigaOm's Top 15 Mobile Influencers


Recent videos:

Talk for Bankinter, December 2010 in Madrid, "What is the Fastest Path to the Internet of Things."

Talk for Cisco's Public Services Summit, December 2009 in Stockholm,  "Platforms for Participation: Spinning Scarcity into Surplus."

Talk at National Building Museum, September 2009, on using technology to share time, space, and technology. Later an attendee told me this was one of the 5 best talks he had ever heard.

At MIT in October 2009 on Advice for Start-Ups

On an open in-vehicle platform

A very nice 4-minute piece on me was produced by BoomersTV that gives a good introduction to my views, work, and Zipcar. You can watch this 14-minute talk I gave at TED that describes how we can and must address climate change, how we can do it by providing things that people want and love (Zipcar, GoLoco), and my biggest vision for the creation of a coast-to-coast wireless communications platform on the back of impending transportation infrastructure investment.

I gave a talk in Oakland at "the Meeting of the Minds" that discusses the mismatch between the timeframe in which we have to act on climate change and preferred transportation solutions (fuel efficient and alternative fuel cars), with a nice description of where ridesharing fits into the mix. Here is the link, my talk starts a minute 28.

And here is a talk I gave at Continuum Design on the importance of design in addressing climate change.

I'm also a supporter of the Internet for Everyone campaign. You can learn why by watching my 1.5 minute reason at the launch press conference here.


I'm a blogger on transportation for the National Journal. You can read my posts here.

I also write for the Huffington Post.

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Links to some of my other published articles:
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